Our value proposition is to:”more than satisfaction”through

• services
• products
• innovation
• supply chain performances

Today’s global economy makes supply chain a key for Cosmos in order to deliver what we promise to customers. All along the product flow, from raw materials to final delivery, our teams are dedicated to providing the best quality products at the right time and place in response to customers’ specific requirements, thereby creating competitive advantage for them.

The mission of Purchasing within Cosmos is to deliver a sustainable commercial advantage for our businesses by securing low-cost raw materials and services. Suppliers play an important role in this process.

We are interested in offers from reliable partners with the potential to supply us with the chemical products mentioned below.

Product Name
 CAS No.
Aluminium Chloride Anhydrous
CAS No. 7446-70-0
Acetyl chloride
CAS No. 75-36-5
Dimethyl sulfate
CAS No. 77-78-1
CAS No. 108-95-2
Manganese Dioxide
CAS No. 1313-13-9
CAS No. 107-06-2
CAS No. 91-20-3
CAS No. 98-95-3
Thionyl chloride
Cas No. 7719-09-7
Di-tert-butyl peroxide
Cas No. 110-05-4
Cas No. 108-67-8
Cas No. 616-45-5
Cas No.12135-22-7
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