This is a highly proficient team of chemists, engineers and technicians, Experience of many years in special chemicals enables us to offer you a variety of very complex compounds, From laboratory, pilot plant to large-scale production, we are prepared to execute your highly specialized requirements, including adapting existing units, building additional processing units.

Pilot Plant:
0.5 m3 Glass Line Reactor 3 sets
0.2~0.5 m3 Stainless Steel Reactor 3 sets
0.05~0.6 m3 Hydrogenation Reactor 2 sets
(Temp 150℃, Pressure 1.6MPa)

Reaction Type
Reaction capabilities involve multi-step synthesis,hydrogenation, Reduction , Oxidation nitration,bromination and so on.

• Friedel-Crafts Reaction
• Halogenation Reaction
• Hydrogenation
• Reduction Reaction
• Oxidation Reaction
• Esterification Reaction
• Amidation
• Cyanation
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