Cosmos develops and produces functional ingredients primarily for the UV filter, flavors/fragrance, and pharmaceutical industries but also for customize manufacturing.

The broad product range is backed by top technical services, creating innovative, high quality solutions used by many big companies around the globe.

The commercial product range includes:
Flavor / Fragrance & Intermediates
UV Filter & Intermediates
Pharmaceutical Intermediates

Focus on technological innovation, new projects have never stopped in our lab. Our R&D people are dedicated to developing new compounds. From laboratory, pilot plant to large-scale production, we are prepared to execute your highly specialized requirements, including adapting existing units, building additional processing units.

The reaction type includes:

Friedel-Crafts Reaction
Halogenation Reaction
Reduction Reaction
              Grignard reaction
Oxidation Reaction
Esterification Reaction
              Blanc Reaction
              Chiral Resolution
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